Chart of the Week

NDR: Unlocking Investor Psychology: A Closer Look at NDR's DAVIS265

NDR’s S&P 500 vs. Daily Trading Sentiment Composite that we know as ‘DAVIS265’

Chart of the Week

NDR: U.S. Stock Performance before and after the first Fed rate cut

We picked up an interesting factoid from our strategists this morning - U.S. stocks have never rallied more than 11% in the three months leading up to the first FED rate cut. But after the rate cut,...

Chart of the Week

NDR: Improved Market Breadth a bullish indicator for equities?

This NDR chart, % Of Stocks Above MAs (5 to 252), that we refer to as DAVIS 275, plots the percentage of stocks, for five equity indexes, trading above their moving averages ranging from five to 252...

Chart of the Week

NDR: There's still some room for the bulls...

At NDR we take a 360° degree look at factors impacting stocks. Our founder Ned Davis currently rates the tape and momentum as positive. Monetary and macro seem hopeful, given Fed tightening looks...

See the Signals

NDR: See the Signals, Episode 5

In this episode, NDR's Chief Economist Alejandra Grindal provides her 2024 outlook for the global economy. Many of the downside factors that affected the second half of 2023 to persist. As a result,...

Chart of the Week

NDR: Slow Services Growth

Global services activity continued to grow at a snail’s pace in November, as the PMI crept up 0.2 points to 50.6, well below an average of 55 in Q2 of this year and the long-term average of 53.6....

In The News

NDR: Ed Clissold on CNBC

In the News: Check out Ed Clissold's latest interview on CNBC. Ed remarks that recession isn't off the table, but Fed's rhetoric change is a positive sign. To watch the entire interview, click here....

In The News

NDR: Don't Neglect Long-Term Drivers

Global Investment Solutions Head Brian Sanborn cautions against investors trying to "neglect the long-term drivers of stock returns," just because of recent volatility.

Chart of the Week

NDR: What happened to the delinquency rate?

The consumer delinquency rate jumped 16 basis points, the most since Q2 2009, to 2.53% -- the highest since Q1 2013. It was the eighth straight quarterly rise. Clearly some consumers are struggling...