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NDR : Risk Assets Love Liquidity

"Liquidity is the lifeblood of the financial markets... Risk assets love liquidity. Continued draining of liquidity presents a risk for equities and credit," Ned Davis Research chief global macro...

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NDR: Globalization isn't dead, just different

Where is globalization heading? Is global trade on the decline? NDR’s Chief Economist Alejandra Grindal weighs in on the pros and cons, comparing supply chain evolution, inflationary pressures,...

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NDR: Credit conditions still face the impact of higher-for-longer interest rates

NDR’s Chief Macro Strategist Joe Kalish was recently featured in a Bloomberg article by Josyana Joshua, and Olivia Raimonde on August 1, 2023. Joe highlighted the uncertainty beneath the surface for...

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NDR: The Counter to Unprofitable Anxiety

"The degree of unprofitable anxiety in an investor’s life corresponds directly to the amount of time one concentrates on how the market should be acting rather than the way it actually is acting.” -...

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NDR: Another hike before year end?

Interviewed on Bloomberg on July 27, 2023, NDR’s Chief U.S. Strategist Ed Clissold, CFA, observes that the Fed raised rates as expected because of better-than-expected U.S. economic performance in...

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NDR: Is U.S. Inflation Reversing?

Is U.S. inflation reversing? Chief U.S. Strategist Ed Clissold weighed in on this question, based on recent PPI numbers and other economic indicators, on CNBC Asia, July 13th. Please click for the...

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NDR: Don't call it a comeback.

How do we view the thematic landscape? We break the themes we track into three major categories: Technology, Demographics, and Global Shock. The chart here tracks the average theme rank for each of...

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NDR: Mid-Year Outlook - Can Global Growth Continue to Accelerate?

In our recent Global Economics Focus, Alejandra Grindal gave an in depth look on where she sees global growth is heading in the back half of 2023. She wrote that despite rough conditions to start the beginning of the year

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NDR: What will it take for dividend payers to rebound?

Over the past 20+ years, NDR Chief U.S. Market Strategist Ed Clissold has done significant research on the topic of dividends and developed several evaluation and screening tools to enhance dividend stock selection processes. He has also created several charts and tables that our clients find helpful when articulating the benefits of various dividend strategies. 

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NDR: Choppy Markets  Ahead?

NDR’s Chief Global Macro Strategist Joe Kalish discusses the second half 2023 outlook in terms of growth, inflation, monetary policy, bond markets, credit and housing.