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NDR: See the Signals, Episode 2

In this episode, @NDR's Chief Economist Alejandra Grindal discusses the unexpected demographic upside from the pandemic. Among major economies, flexible work weeks and days worked from home have...

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NDR: Three Themes with Joe Kalish

NDR Market Outlook with Joe Kalish: NDR’s Chief Global Macro Strategist Joe Kalish discussed inflation and possibility of rate hike in a video interview with Ausbiz on September 12, 2023.

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NDR Wealth: At the Excell Conference

NDR Wealth | Ned Davis Research (NDR) and Day Hagan Asset Management cordially invite you to visit us today at the Excell conference in Nashville. At our booth, we’ll demonstrate how we can help you...

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NDR: See the Signals, Episode 1

In her latest global economic research note, NDR’s Chief Economist Alejandra Grindal analyzed strong divergences within the global economy. In particular, she found growing risks within China and...

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NDR: Where do we go from here?

While the August update of the NDR Global Balanced Account Model reflected a more modest equity reading than in July and August, our Chief Global Investment Strategist Tim Hayes is maintaining his...

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NDR: A Closer Look at AI Investing and Emerging Winners

NDR’s Senior Portfolio Strategist, Pat Tschosik, CFA, CMT, discusses thematic investment opportunities and takes a closer look at emerging winners in the AI space. Listen to his Asset TV interview...

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NDR: Making the case for a Eurozone Recession

"One of our views, that we've noted over the past few months, is that we think the case of recession in the eurozone is increasing." NDR’s Chief Economist Alejandra Grindal was recently on Bloomberg...

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NDR's Work in Action

Find Ned Davis Research’s philosophy applied to indexes across the industry.

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NDR: Constructive on Equities

We are pleased to share the latest interview with Tim Hayes, CMT, Chief Global Investment Strategist and Mark Phillips, CFA, European Equity Strategist, Ned Davis Research, as they discuss their...

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NDR: What's Going to Happen Down the Road?

"The worry is what's going to happen down the road... The Fed has tightened policy quite a bit and we haven't felt the full impact..." said NDR’s Chief Economist Alejandra Grindal in a exclusive...