How Many Clients Could You Meet in 60 Hours?

On average Advisors spend 60 hours a year creating client-facing, compliance-reviewed, educational materials for their business. That's 60 hours that could be allocated towards building and cultivating your business. Ned Davis Research has kept investors on the right side of market moves for over 40 years, so let us help your business provide those same insights for your clients.


Ned Davis Research offers comprehensive, monthly content that can be quickly integrated and tailored for your team. Unlock the freedom NDR can provide your business. Inquire about an Enterprise license today.


Data First

Unlike other providers who start with an opinion, we start with data, and allow it to tell the story. This gives you the peace of mind that our insights are based on current market indicators and not a hunch.


Compliance Reviewed

Our research staff works in coordination with our compliance experts to provide content that meets SEC regulations.  This alignment means that you can trust that the content has been initially reviewed and could easily be reviewed with your own compliance department.


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Market Insights

The deep insights gained by analyzing markets for over 40 years enables us to apply the right data to the right context. That experience allows us to guide you through complex market cycles.

What's Included?

» 8 monthly commentary newsletters on broad macroeconomic and investment topics

» 4 quarterly performance newsletters highlighting the prior quarter’s performance and themes,
   as well as providing a market outlook



 *Customization Instructions Included

Save Time.
Simplify Workflow.
Set Your Business Apart.


Provide your team the tools they need to succeed.
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Sample Content
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Monthly Commentary Newsletter 


Quarterly Performance Newsletter

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Have questions? We've got answers. Take a look at our frequently asked questions, and if you still don't see what you're looking for, contact us for assistance.

When will I receive the newsletter?

It will be e-mailed to the email address you provided upon purchase the first week of every month.

Do you offer monthly or quarterly payment plans for White Label Insights?

At this time, we only offer a one-time annual payment via credit card.

What do you mean by compliance reviewed?

The content of White Label Insights is intended to comply with SEC regulations and has been reviewed by our in-house compliance team prior to distribution. This includes editorial consideration around the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, and specifically the Advertising Rule, including no promotion of prior calls or touting of performance, as well as no recommendation of specific securities. We also spoke to several outside compliance departments to gain insight into what’s allowed and what’s not at a variety of firms. We do advise you to share the sample newsletters with your compliance department to get specific approval. We would appreciate hearing their feedback in case there’s something we can change on our end to assist with approval.

Can I add a 3rd party disclaimer to White Label Insights to meet FINRA regulations?

Yes. You are free to add a 3rd party disclaimer, and there is a section in the newsletter for you to do so. Since the newsletters are delivered in an editable format, and you may choose to change the wording, we do ask that you adjust the disclaimer as appropriate:

  • Using our wording as is, then the disclaimer is OK as: “This newsletter is written and published by NED DAVIS RESEARCH, VENICE, FL, COPYRIGHT 2018….”
  • If you adjust the wording then the disclaimer should be: “This newsletter contains content written by NED DAVIS RESEARCH, VENICE, FL, COPYRIGHT 2018….”


Instead of using the newsletter in its entirety, can I use just a section of the newsletter in my client communication?

Yes; it was designed so you can customize it to fit your needs.

How do I customize the newsletter when I receive it?

You will receive instructions via email with your purchase.


If there is a big correction in the market, will I receive a newsletter to help with my client communication? 

Yes; the subscription is a minimum of 12 newsletters, with additional ones developed as the market dictates.

How do I receive previous newsletters again? 

Contact with your specific request, and we will be happy to e-mail it to you.

If I’m not satisfied, how do I cancel the service? 

Contact to request a cancellation. The subscription is annual, so you will continue to receive the newsletters through the end of your annual subscription period.

What if I have a question not addressed here?

Contact, and we will assist you with any outstanding questions.

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