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NDR:  Ed Clissold on Facts vs Feelings


Tune in to Carson's Facts vs Feelings always entertaining episode with Ed Clissold as he reviews NDR's 2024 U.S. Outlook. Together they discuss:

  • Ed’s over 20 years at NDR, emphasizing the collaborative and data-driven approach
  • Whether the Fed can successfully achieve a soft landing for the economy and the potential turbulence ahead
  • The chance of a recession and the factors contributing to this risk
  • The political implications for the Fed's decision-making process
  • The importance of considering both soft data and hard data in analyzing the economy and the mixed signals they provide
  • The historical market performance during presidential election years
  • The potential rotation towards small and mid-cap stocks
  • Jerome Powell's performance as the Fed Chair
  • The favored sectors and the underweighted sectors for the upcoming year

Note: Carson Group is an NDR client – NDR was a sponsor at the Carson Group’s Excell Conference 2023

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