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Founded in 1980, Ned Davis Research (NDR) is an independent investment advisor offering quantitative macro and investment research, investment solutions, and tools. Our experienced strategists and analysts use a weight-of-the-evidence methodology, combining fundamental, macroeconomic, and technical research to help you see the signals and invest confidently. Clients seeking alpha or to mitigate risk appreciate our concise commentary, our objective unbiased investment recommendations, and our investment solutions.

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NDR Global 360: Focuses on global economics and asset allocation, detects business cycles, and identifies investment themes.

NDR U.S. 360: Focuses on economics, asset allocation, equity style, and sectors to identify important themes in U.S. financial markets.

NDR Europe 360: Focuses on regional Europe and individual countries and sectors, and periodically highlights stocks or ETF-specific insights.

NDR MacroEdge 360: Focuses on U.S. and global fixed income markets, economics, and asset risks in those and other asset markets.

NDR Hotline 360: Offers commentary and perspectives on market trends, sentiment, macro environments, and latest economic data.

NDR Thematic Opportunities: Provides high-conviction investment ideas for investment managers and their clients.

Investment Solutions: Delivers objective investment models and indices as turnkey financial solutions through Investment Solutions partnerships. Investment professionals may access our strategies through a wide array of investment vehicles, including mutual funds, ETFs, UITs, managed accounts, and direct signal model manager agreements.

Custom Research, Models & Data Solutions: Provides hedge fund clients with ideas, themes, and macro inputs from both discretionary and systematic viewpoints. Curates bespoke market, asset, stock, and market scenario analysis.

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